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The main business objective of PPI is finding purchasing synergy between the individual members. Using the joint purchasing volume in order to negotiate better contracts and conditions, the harmonization of these contracts and conditions between countries, the execution of joint buying (tenders), supplier management and (global) sourcing of new products and suppliers.

Buyer objectives:

Negotiation on aggregated purchasing volume.

Optimization of products, categories, articles.

Improve visibility on costs, pricing, conditions, spend

Supplier optimization, -reduction

Global sourcing of (exclusive) products and new suppliers.

Support of purchasing activities:

PPI will support your purchasing activities. PPI informs you at low cost about alternatives to your current suppliers or about suppliers for products not yet purchased.

Sourcing from abroad:

Identifying the relevant suppliers in other (overseas) countries might not be easy. There might be language problems, for example. If you know the sourcing country, other members would like you to share your information.

Information sharing:

The information provided about each supplier is shared within PPI. Best experience, bad experiences and all other information is shared during the PPI meetings. PPI directories list products, address and contact details and include more information to facilitate selection.